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A Mother’s Sacrifice

I sent my daughter to kindergarten on the first day of school.  She did just fine, but I didn’t. She never went back. I loved every second I spent with my babies.  That particular baby is all grown up with three babies of her own. Her babies go to school in a “real” classroom.  I […]

Avoiding Mom (Parent) Burnout

Homeschool moms are amazing women who are committed to the success of their children.  They often have incredible drive and tend to forget themselves as they strive to care for those around them.  Typically when a mom takes on educating their kids at home they don’t give up something, they just add education to the […]

The Elusive Schedule

When I first started our home education journey, I felt completely overwhelmed. My children were good at entertaining themselves (the beauty of the pre-device era)… but they got so good at this that structured learning time erupted into epic meltdowns. Sometimes it was one child, sometimes another, sometimes me… and some very special days, all […]

Lexile Levels

What is a Lexile level? Lexile levels describe both the difficulty of text and the ability of an individual reader.  For example a text may be determined to be at a lexile level of 550. Students should be reading books that range from 100 L below and 50 L over the student’s Lexile level.   […]

Failure – How We Grow.

We have been talking a lot about Failure as part of our 21st Century Skills.  It is an interesting subject because of the power it has over us. Failure, and perhaps even worse, the fear of failure, often holds us back. It prevents us from becoming all we can be.   As I think about […]

Hard Things

In the world of children,  testing is one of the hard things they are required to do. I was opposed to testing and the stress that it causes.  I tried to shelter my now adult children from any and all stress,  but have since changed my view. Doing hard things gives us the confidence to […]

In Hindsight

I was educated in the world of homeschooling to believe that my child would pick up reading when she was ready.   My twin daughters were opposite ends of the spectrum. One began reading at age 5, the other struggled until I finally got her help at age 9.  How I wish I had helped her […]