Session 10: Be Prepared!

Registration opens: April 11th at 8:00 am

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, April 18th at 11:45pm


Our last Discovery Day session of the year will be a 3 week session May 1-17. Classes will be held at Canyon Grove Academy. We will have two tracks available this session. Waivers and paperwork will be required for either of these tracks. If you are not willing to sign these then please do not sign up.

Track One: Outdoor Survival Skills, Shelters and Ceramics.

Track Two: Self Defense and Ceramics (for students 12 and under only).

  • Track two is VERY limited in how many students can take that class due to class requirements by our instructors. Again, this track is for students 12 and under. Required paperwork will be emailed to you after you sign up. If you do not return these filled out your student will not be able to participate.


We still have a bus driver shortage (and are actively working on resolving it) so please plan on picking up ALL students at Canyon Grove Academy at 2:30pm. If anything changes with that and we are able to provide transportation in the afternoons we will let you know. Buses from Draper, Springville and Lehi will run in the morning. We will provide a bus in the morning for Riverton if we get enough signed up to ride that bus. (So sign up for that option and we will let you know if it needs to be canceled.)


Please remember that there is a dress code for Discovery Days. Please make sure your students are wearing their Discovery Day T-shirts to each class. T-shirts can be purchased in the front office. (You can even call and pay and then have your kids pick it up when on campus.)



Survival Skills and Shelters:

Students will have a lot of hands on experiences as they learn and practice outdoor survival skills, like what to do if you get lost, what natural resources to use to stay warm, how to stay calm, etc. They will learn about shelters, how to build them and what kind of shelter is needed in different situations. This will be done in team building ways. Closed toed shoes must be worn!


Students will make two ceramic projects and paint one of them. Projects created will depend on which class your student is in but maybe an owl, a bowl, a bird, or a mask.

Self Defense:

Hands on safety training for children. 90% of untrained children will freeze in shock for the few critical moments needed for an abduction to take place.  After training, 90% will do something, including yelling, & fighting back to protect themselves. Children leave not feeling fearful, but empowered because they know the rules they follow to protect themselves.  Be prepared for lots of fun games, physical activity, running & yelling! Closed toed shoes must be worn, we will be kicking pads.  No sandals or flip flops.

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