Dec 10-14: Introduction to Ancient Greece

Social Studies: Introduction to Ancient Greece: Students will get an overview of Ancient Greece the country and culture. They will be mapping city-states.

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Free Lapbook on Ancient Greece

Grecian Pottery Project

Ancient Greece Video

Literature: Greek Myths: Students will be introduced to the gods and goddesses of Ancient Greece.

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Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses

Humanities: Greek Architecture: Students will be learning about the distinct styles of greek architecture. They will draw greek columns and place over a bleeding tissue paper background.

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Greek Architecture

STEM: Students will learn about the Ancient Greek water systems and the first flushing toilet! They will engineer their own pipe system.

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Other Inventions of the Ancient Greeks

Science K-2: Seed Travels. Students will learn about and observe through experimentation how seeds are dispersed naturally on the earth.

Science 3-6: Plant Cells. Students will learn about and identify the different cells of a plant. They will create and label salt dough models of a cell.

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Interactive Cell Model

Seed Activities

Jan 7-11: Daily Life

Social Studies: Students will compare the differences between life in Athens and life in Sparta. They will create a travel brochure to highlight the good of their chosen city.

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Article on Athens and Sparta for kids:

Make some Ancient pottery!

Literature: Students will learn about the Ancient Greek Lyric. They will spend time reciting and playing a game with lyrics.

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Poetry and Lyrics

Humanities: Students will learn about and participate in a Greek Symposia. They will spend time finishing their sandals from STEM

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Ancient Greek recipes:!Ancient-meals-and-eating-habit-Part-1-Greeks/c16ee/55509b8e0cf21fee137f204c

STEM: Ancient Greek Clothing: Students will learn about different styles of clothing worn by the ancient greeks. They will engineer their own pair of sandals.

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Ancient Greek Clothing:

Science K-6: Photosynthesis. Students will learn about the chemical changes in plants.

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More photosynthesis

Jan 14-18: Session 3 Lesson 3 Important People of Ancient Greece

Social Studies: Students learn about Alexander the Great. Students will participate in an active timeline of his life.

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Alexander the Great Bio:

Alexander the Great’s Tomb

Literature: Students will learn about biographies with Archimedes. They will interview and write biographies of their fellow students.

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Archimedes Bio

Biography How To

Humanities: Students will learn about important women from Ancient Greece. They will create a shield patterned after the Greek Warrior Poet, Telesilla

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Women in Ancient Greece

STEM: Students will engineer an Archimedes screw and learn about his displacement theory.

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Other Ancient Scientists

Easy Science Activities

Science K-2: I Eat Plants. Students will understand the need for both animals and humans to eat plants. They will learn the parts of a plant and eat a sample from each part of a plant.

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Animals Need Plants

What Does an Animal Eat?

Science 3-6: Plants Review: Students will have a brief review of deciduous/coniferous biomes and parts of a plant. They will then play a plant structures review game!

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Plants Games

Colored Celery Experiment

Jan 22-26: Session 3 Lesson 4 Military Power

Social Studies: Students learn about the Peloponnesian war. They will go through an interactive timeline game where they participate in The Epic-day Peloponnesian war!

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Peloponnesian Read along lesson:

Make a Greek Helmet

Literature: Students will learn about Homer, the Trojan war, and read a short version of the Iliad.

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The Iliad for Children:

Ted-Ed The Odyssey

Humanities: Students will learn about the warrior training of the Spartans. They will create Scytale Ciphers to communicate with their allies.

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Ted-Ed Life in Sparta

More on Cryptogrophy:

STEM:  Students will learn about the Minotaur’s Labyrinth in Ancient Greece. They will engineer their own labyrinth.

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More about the Minotaur

DIY Marble Run Stem

Science K-6: Sound Vibrations: Students will learn about sound waves. They will create and observe sound waves using food utensils and string.

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Bill Nye Sound
Paper Cup Phone STEM

Jan 28-Feb 1: Session 3 Lesson 5: Ancient Greek Government

Social Studies: Types of Government. Students will learn about the different types of Government in Ancient Greece. They will build Lego models to represent the various Governments

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Greek Government

US Government Games

Literature: Aesop and his Fables. Students will learn about the life of Aesop. They will study his fables and create their own fables or mini-book based off of his stories.

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Fables Written by Kids

Elements of a Fable Graphic Organizer

Humanities: Socrates and the Socratic Discussion. Students will learn about the philosopher Socrates. They will participate in a Socratic discussion based off of questions raised in the picture books: The Lorax or Miss Nelson is Missing

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Socrates Reading Lesson:


STEM: Students will learn about how the Ancient Greeks kept track of time. They will construct a model of a Clepsydra (Ancient Greek water clock)

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History of Timekeeping

A simple version of the clepsydra

Science K-6: Students will learn about the science of sound. They will create a model to see sound waves in action.

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Sound Waves

Feb 4-8: Session 3 Lesson 6: Sports and Entertainment

Social Studies: Students will learn about the first Olympic games.  They will try out some of the Ancient Olympic sports.

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Greek Athlete

History of Olympics

Literature: Students will learn about early Greek theater. They will perform plays based off of Aesop’s fables

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Greek Play performed by students

Write your own play!

Create a Greek Theater Mask

Humanities: Students will learn about how the Greeks created perfection in their sculptures. They will create aluminum foil sculptures depicting action and also learn about shadowing.

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Ancient Greek art for Kids

Art Project

STEM: Students will work in groups to invent their own Olympic sport based off of materials found in a mystery bag.  Their sport must be measurable in some way: weight, distance, time etc.

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Games Greek children played

More STEM projects for Ancient Greece

Science K-6: Earth, Moon, and Sun System.

Students will learn about the observable patterns created by the positions of the Earth, Moon, and Sun throughout the month. They will construct models of the moon phases using Oreos!

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Read aloud about the Moon

Reading Passage and worksheet