Epic Day theme for 2019/20 is Renaissance.

Our multi-aged classes have a maximum of 18 students. Each class contains similarly aged students.  The groupings are (youngest to oldest) Aspen, Birch, Cedar, and Oak. The day starts with a lesson on Leadership, followed by our History-based themed lessons which include Stem, Social Studies, Art and Literature studies.  We focus on project-based, interactive and engaging lessons that promote critical thinking and discussion.  Science is also a part of our Epic days.  We cover the majority of the science standards needed with hands-on fun.


Our leadership studies help students to learn how their brain works, teaches them some learning tricks and even helps students train the brain to work more effectively. At the beginning of each Epic Days, our Distance Education students will delve into the 8 Keys of Excellence together based upon the following 8 Key Statements:

  1. This is It! I Make the Most of Every Moment  
  2. I Take Ownership. I am Responsible for My Choices
  3. I Speak with Good Purpose- I am Honest, Kind, and Sincere
  4. I Honor Commitment to Achieve and Grow in the Direction of My Goals and Dreams
  5. Failure Leads to Success. I Learn from My Mistakes.  
  6. I Have Integrity. I Show My Positive Values and Standards in All I Do and Say.  
  7. I have Flexibility. I Am Willing to Learn, Change, and Do Things Differently  
  8. Balance in Caring for Others and Myself is Important. I Live My Best Life.

Based upon a foundation of literature and using several other tools of learning including biographies, quotations & discussions, mindfulness exercises, Growth Mindset principles, movement, music, and learning games, our students explore each of these statements and look at how they apply them in their lives. We end the year with the final concept: Anything is Possible. I Will Discover & Create My Best Self to launch them into a summer of discovery and fun.

Find Out More

For the first two weeks of Epic Days, your students have been learning about the following highlights from Middle Ages European History and doing fun associated learning activities related to Social Studies/Humanities, Literature, STEM-Engineering, and Science. Help your students to find out more about these fascinating aspects of History–Go ahead and Dive Deeper (Please see suggested links below)
Ancient Rome
The Fall of Rome  
The Pantheon
Roman Legions 

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