Feb 4th-7th  Session 4 Lesson 1: Introduction to Ancient Rome

Social Studies: Geography of Ancient Rome

Students will be introduced to the geography of Ancient Rome. They will begin a session-long project to build a board game that will review the aspects of Ancient Rome they have learned.

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Ancient Rome


Nat Geo Ancient Rome


Ancient Rome Lapbook


Literature: The Legend of Romulus and Remus

Students will be introduced to legends through the story of Romulus and Remus. They will write their own legend about how the name of their hometown came to be.

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Romulus and Remus


How to Write a Legend


Humanities: Ancient Roman Religion

Students will be introduced to the mythology of the Ancient Romans. They will discuss similarities and differences of Greek vs. Roman Gods.

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Roman/Greek God Matching Game


STEM: Roman Constellations

Students will be introduced to constellations based off of Roman mythology. They will create a glow-in-the-dark constellation map for their room.

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More on constellations and the universe:


Top 10 stargazing apps:


Science: The Planets in our Solar System

Students will learn about the various climates of our planets.  They will work in groups to study a planet then create an oral report to practice public speaking skills.

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Solar System Projects


Solar System Memory Game


Session 4 Lesson 2

Social Studies: Students will learn about the famous Gladiator Shows in the Colosseum. They will continue working on their session-long board game project.

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Are We There Yet: Italy Gladiators


Literature:  Students will learn about the first science fiction novel ever written: A True History by Lucian. They will work as a class to write their own science fiction story!

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A True History by Lucian Full Story


Science Fiction Story Starters


Humanities: Students will learn about the science behind the arch and the diverse history of the Roman Colosseum. They will create a chalk pastel pop-up drawing of the colosseum.

Dive Deeper:

Make a Roman Arch with Ice Cubes!


Virtual Tour of the Roman Colosseum


STEM: Students will learn about the exciting sport of chariot racing.  They will engineer a rolling chariot of their own!


More Roman Sports


Ancient Chariots at the Met Museum


Science: Students will learn about the differences between Ptolemy’s ideas of the skies and what we have learned today. They will study gravity, inertia, and how they affect the rotation of earth around the sun. They will create a model to demonstrate the rotation of the earth and moon around the sun.

Dive Deeper:

Ptolemy’s Astronomy Instruments:


Gravity and Inertia in space https://gabeweb.tumblr.com/post/23028869416/why-the-solar-system-can-exist-if-gravity-is-so

Galileo’s Famous Gravity Experiment