Pleasant Grove Extra Curricular Activites

Fall 2018 Schedule:


Soccer grades K-3rd grade  3:30-4:30

RadKids 4th through 6th grade 3:30-4:30

Fencing 5th – 8th grade 3:30-4:30


Soccer grades 4th-8th grade 3:30-4:30

Bringing Books Alive 1st-5th grade 3:30-4:30

“Stay back!  You’re not my mom!”  Radkids, the leading national program for children’s safety.  This empowering program will teach, & then practice in drills, all aspect of safety for your children.  Fixes the flaws in “stranger danger”, basic safety such as fires, & teaches self defense skills designed specifically for a child to use against an adult attempting to abduct them.  And most importantly, abuse prevention.  “No one has the right to hurt me, and it’s not my fault so I can tell someone!”  90% of children, if an abduction is attempted, will freeze for the critical time it takes.  After Radkids training, 90% will react to save themselves.  Children in the US have used this training to escape, which is why it’s endorsed by Elizabeth Smart.  Get your child the training so they can be a powerful RADkid!
Fall classes 3rd grade – 6th grade

Soccer Tuesday K-3rd Grade/Thursday 4th-8th Grade

Come join Quinlan and her fantastic footing to learn the game of Soccer! She will be teaching the basics skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting, and good sportsmanship! This will be an 8 week course and will be outside

K-3rd Grade      4th-8th Grade

Fencing with Mark Stasinos

“The course is an introduction to modern fencing. Teaching a brief history, basics of footwork, on-guard stance, defense with parries and strategy. It is with the emphasis on sportsmanship and self awareness and self improvement.” For ages 11 and up!


Bringing Books Alive

Come join us as we dive into the world of Mr. Poppers Penguins. Students will get excited about reading as we make the book come to life! We will explore the Antarctic, learn about the life of Penguins and do lots of fun hands on activities all geared toward getting students excited about reading!
Geared toward 1st-4th grader but really for anyone who wants to get excited about reading!