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Field Trip FAQ:

Do I need to Sign up?  School field trips typically have additional activities that are not available with a seasonal pass.  Please check the individual sign-ups for specific information.  Space is limited and only those who have signed up will be allowed to attend.

Can I get a refund?  We reserve and pay for field trips before the event.  No refunds can be given; however, you may sell your spot to another family and are welcome to post it on the schools Facebook page to find an interested CGA family.

Who can go on the field trips? Field trips are for immediate families enrolled in Canyon Grove only.  (Parents, enrolled student and siblings aged 0 – 5) Venues give us specific numbers of tickets for students and adults and we need these tickets for our enrolled students. Older children and extended family members CANNOT attend. These are FAMILY field trips and students must be chaperoned at all times.

What if I am running late?  NO late arrivals will be admitted, no exceptions, and you will lose any fees paid. We are required to check in and pay as a group. The locations will not allow any arrivals once the payment has been made.  If you arrive late, you will be asked to pay the normal price.

How do we get to/from the field trips?  We do not provide transportation, you will need to provide that on your own.

*If you have any questions please contact Danyelle. (

Field Trip Permission Form needs to be completed once a year BEFORE you attend a field trip.

Zip Line Utah

September 21, 2018

This is an out and back option. It is designed for those that want to experience the trill of zip lining off our 80 foot tower but don’t have the time to do one of our bigger courses. This course is two 600 foot zip lines and a aerial bridge.

Ages 8 and up

Minimum weight 75 to 250lbs

  • Activity date: Friday, September 21, 2018
  • Start time: 10:00am
  • Please plan to arrive 20 minutes before.
  • Meeting location: Deer Creek State Park Rainbow Bay Main Tower hwy 189 mile post 22

Deadline to sign up is September 14.


BYU Planetarium

September 27 and September 28

A planetarium can be a wonderful place to introduce your children to science. But, bringing a young child to a planetarium when they are not ready for the experience is nothing but frustrating for everyone. Some children are more mature than others, and some shows are more technical than others. While we give recommended ages as a guideline, we leave it up to the parents to determine when their child is ready for a particular show. Before you bring your children to a planetarium show ask yourself the following.

  1. Is your child scared of the dark? Planetariums are very dark places. If your child needs a night-light, a trip to the planetarium is a bad idea.
  2. Does your child understand space and stars? It isn’t a good idea to ask anyone, let alone a small child, to sit quietly and stare at dots on the ceiling for nearly an hour. If your child doesn’t understand what is going on, he won’t enjoy a planetarium show.
  3. Does your child have a long enough attention span to sit through a 45min show? A planetarium show doesn’t have the plot and action typical of cartoons. If your child will sit and color for 45min straight, you’re probably fine.

Children younger than 4 are typically not going to like the planetarium, and will most likely make their displeasure known to all. Children older than 6 typically understand all but the most technical presentations, and will behave even if they are bored. In the 4-6 range, it depends on the show, the child, and the mood the child is in on that day.

2 Dates Thursday September 27 there is 119 seats available

September 28 there is 59 seats available

Please only sign up for 1 day.

For 5 years and up 

Price $2.00 per person

Location: Eyring Science Center, Campus Dr, Provo, UT 84606

Deadline to sign up is September 24.


Scales & Tails Show

October 5, 2018

Come learn about and see creepy crawlies (Spiders, Scorpions, or Roaches), lizards, a tortoise, and snakes for a total of 10 animals. There will be four finale animals: a Giant Lizard, a Giant snake, a Giant Tortoise, and a young Alligator, Caiman, or Crocodile.

Where: Canyon Grove Academy 588 West 3300 North, Pleasant Grove in the Gym


Price: $2.00

Deadline to sign up is October 1.



October 9 and October 10

We have two choices this year for our “Fall Farm Visit”.  Tuesday, October 9 and Wednesday October 10.  Please sign up for ONLY ONE option.

Activities Include:

  • An “Egg in the Classroom” singing chicken presentation and an animal band singing show

  • A brief video presentation about corn and the maze

  • A trip through the corn maze with an educational passport

  • A hayride around the maze

  • A visit with our racing pigs (race takes place at 11:30 each day)

  • A turn on the Jumbo Jumper for each student

  • A mini pumpkin for each student (while supplies last)

  • A Kernel Cornbelly bookmark for each student to take home

  • A voucher for a free return visit to Cornbelly’s for each student (with a paid adult)

8:45 Check-In for 9:00 Entrance to Cornbelly’s (Anyone who arrives late will have to pay separately, at FULL price).

Price: $4/student or $5/chaperone

Siblings ages 2 and under FREE

Deadline for sign ups ins October 1

Tuesday         Wednesday

The Velveteen Rabbit

October 26, 2018

“Real isn’t how you are made, but it’s something that happens to you.” Based on the award-winning children’s book by Margery Williams, this world premiere musical follows the journey of a toy rabbit on its quest to becoming real. As a gift to a boy, the Velveteen Rabbit lives in a nursery surrounded by modern, mechanical toys. The rabbit is made to feel plain, but soon learns that there is much more to being “real” than outward appearance.

Hale Center Theatre in Orem 

225 400 N, Orem, UT 84057


All Students, Siblings, and Adults needing a seat are $5.00

Lap Babies are FREE

Deadline to sign up is October 22nd


SeaQuest & Hill Aerospace Museum

November 2, 2018


Field trips are led by the aquarium’s staff of educators, biologists and aquarists. During each guided tour and hands-on interactive experience, participants will receive:

  • An increased appreciation for our planet’s oceans
  • A new respect and awe for marine life and the rich aquatic resources of our planet’s wetter 78%
  • Understanding of our ecosystems as they engage the senses for maximized learning
  • Encounters with sharks, stingrays, sea jellies, octopuses, birds, reptiles, amphibians, tropical and cold water fish and much more
  • Free time to explore

Price: $5.75 per person

ages 2 and under free

Time: 9:45am

Address: 1201 N Hill Field Rd #1072, Layton, UT 84041

Deadline to sign up is October 29


Hill Aerospace Museum

Price: $Free

Canyon Grove Students and 1 Parent (we can only bring 120 people)

Date: 11/02/2018

Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm 

Location: 7961 Wardleigh Rd, Hill AFB, UT 84056

Deadline to sign up is October 29


The Hill Aerospace Museum has a myriad of exhibits, displays and vintage aircraft. This Museum Scavenger Hunt highlights many objects that are a part of the museum collection. The Museum Scavenger Hunt gives kids of all ages an opportunity to explore and to get better acquainted with some of the most interesting aviation-related artifacts in the United States.

Scavenger Hunt

Sweet’s Candy Tour

November 9 OR November 16

This is a small group tour (maximum of 14) through a working candy factory. The Experience includes a Virtual Tour with your personal Tour Guide, Fresh Factory Samples, and Educational and Interactive Stations.

***Sweet’s processes and packages peanuts, and tree nuts in our building. Persons with airborne allergies should not enter our building. Additionally, we use eggs, soy, and milk in some of our products.

Everyone is FREE!

Please only sign up for 1 tour.

Different times: 9:00am, 9:20am, 10:00am and 10:20am

Location: 3780 W. Directors Row (1100 South) in Salt Lake City


Deadline to sign up is November 5th

Please familiarize yourself with the Field Trip Rules as some details have been updated:


FIELD TRIPS planned for 2018/2019

  • Tracy Aviary – 8/31
  • Utah State Fair – 9/7
  • This is the Place – 9/14
  • Deer Creek Zip Line Tour – 9/21
  • BYU Planetarium 9/27 & 9/28
  • Scales and Tales – 10/5
  • Cornbelly’s – 10/9 and 10/10
  • Hale Theater – Velveteen Rabbit – 10/26
  • SeaQuest/Hill Areospace – 11/2
  • Sweets Candy Tour – 11/9 and 11/16
  • Christmas Around the World 11/30
  • Clark Planetarium – 12/7
  • Utah State Capitol – 1/11
  • Hutchings Museum – 2/1 & 2-8
  • Author Visit – 2/15
  • The Leonardo Museum – 2/22
  • The Aquarium – 3/1
  • Hogle Zoo – 4/12
  • Celebrating U – 5/15

FIELD TRIPS we went to in 2017/2018

World Travelers, Living Planet Aquarium, State Fair, Who Wants to be an Opera Star, The Leonardo, Cornbellies, Hee Haw Farms, Scera Theatre – Captain Louie, Springville Museum of Art, Bean Life Science Museum,  BYU Christmas Around the World,  Julie Moffat Nutcracker, Utah Symphony – Here Comes Santa Claus, Kingsbury Hall – All the Way Live, BYU Peking Acrobats, BYU Presentation of THE SECRET LIFE OF SUITCASES, Utah Children’s Theatre Presentation of Magic Fish, Peaks Ice Skating, Scera Presentation of Little Red, Dr Seuss Birthday Breakfast, Discovery Gateway Museum, Utah Symphony – Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham, Kingsbury Hall – School House Rocks Jr., Family Skate Night, SeaQuest, The Tempest, Utah Symphony – Scheherazade, Wheeler Farms, Hope of America, BYU Dance Makers, Lagoon (7th-8th), Boondocks

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