Fun Friday

Come have fabulous adventures with our SmartLab®, Planetarium, and Space Center!

Where: Canyon Grove Academy

When: Fridays 

Who: 1st – 4th grades – 12:00 – 1:45

5th-6th Grades 12:00 – 3:15

Wear your Discovery Day T-Shirt

PLEASE NOTE: These Super Science adventures will be in addition to what the students will experience if they are attending a Discovery Days session during October. They did NOT get to experience our awesome SmartLab!

Future Sessions will begin January 11th, February 8th, March 22nd, and April 26th

Each Canyon Grove Academy DE student may sign up for one session after the winter break.  which is four weeks in length. Once everyone interested has had a turn, those who want to can return for another four-week session.



When you learn to write code, you are learning a whole new language! Over the course of four sessions, the SmartLab provide an introductory computer programming experience using online resources. Each session will introduce the concept of computer code, creating your own computer game and provide a basic introduction to the Hour of Code software. The challenge will be to complete 20 programming challenges or “puzzles” that introduce basic programming concepts of commands, repeat loops, repeat until, if, and if/else statements. Do not worry if you cannot complete all 20 puzzles during the class. You can always go back to the Hour of Code website and finish later. Use the puzzle counter at the top of the page to pick up where you left off. Just make sure you have a sign in, The SmartLab is also available for projects to be done at home, go to and join our class for supplemental assignments.

Students will need to provide a parent supervised Gmail and password to the SmartLab teacher for grades 1-6. Any additional security features might need to be turned off when they come to school. Usually, if parents have logged into the Google Classroom from home, the students’ account will work at the Smart Lab.