Yvette is originally from Blackfoot, Idaho. She grew up in Southern California and has lived in Utah for many years. She has been a teacher for over three decades as a Public, Private, Charter, Business, Church, and Home-school educator for her own six children. She and her beloved husband Mark also owned and built a nation-wide e-commerce and leadership business together. She is passionate about life-long learning and progression, building enduring relationships, and making meaningful contributions. She has many wonderful memories in the professional entertainment industry from her youth and childhood which led her to earn her BFA in Musical Theater up until she was 12 credit-hours from graduating. She felt guided to change her course and become a teacher, knowing somehow that this would be important for her future family. She earned her B.S. in Elementary Education from BYU. In her free time, Yvette loves to read, paint and illustrate, compose songs, sing, conduct choirs, play games, journal, share learning and insights, make delicious meals for her family, garden, travel, participate in community outreach and service, and spend lots of time with those she loves. She believes strongly in the mission of CGA DE to support families in the beautiful and important work of educating their children.