Resource Library

Our library is full of resources that inspire and increase the fun in your learning at home. Resources are available for monthly check out. Please remember to return any checked out items that you are not using so that other families can use them

Let your Educational Specialist know if there is an additional resource you would enjoy in our library.

You are welcome to order as many online subscriptions as you need. The minimum requirements for every subscription is one hour every week. Please notify your Educational Specialist immediately if you find your children lose interest and are not using a subscription.  If the subscriptions are purchased but not used the entire school risks losing the grant that is attached to them.  Thanks for your help in keeping our grant.

Request Curriculum and Resources

Request Online Resources

Scholastic Books

If you would like to order books please go to and click the “Connect to Your Teacher” button. Enter the code P7PZM. Next click the “Create Account” button. After creating your account you can shop by grade, collection, or flyer!

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