Thursday Logan

9:00 am – 3:15 pm

Thatcher Mansion 35 West 100 South Logan Utah

The Epic theme for 2019/20 is Renaissance.

Our multi-aged classes have a maximum of 18 students. Each class contains similarly aged students.  The groupings are (youngest to oldest) Aspen, Birch, Cedar, and Oak. The day starts with a lesson on Leadership. Then our themed lessons which are History-based and include Stem, Social Studies, Art and Literature studies.  We focus on project-based, interactive and engaging lessons that promote critical thinking and discussion.  Science is also a part of our Epic days.  We cover the majority of the science standards needed with hands-on fun.

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Education Specialist

Tonia graduated from USU with her Bachelors’s in Special Education. She taught K-6 at the beginning of her career before taking time off to be home with her six children. She later worked as an Education Specialist for Bear River Mental Health helping adults obtain their GED. For the past 14 years, she has been working as a paraprofessional in the Cache County School District. She loves spending time with her family, especially her 13 grandchildren. In the past year, she has rediscovered her passion for skiing. She enjoys working in her yard, traveling and talking to random people on airplanes. She is looking forward to new adventures working with the families of Canyon Grove Distance Education.


Phone: 435-232-9981

Office Hours:   9am-4pm, T-Th

Epic Day Instructor – Aspen

Epic Day Instructor – Birch

Estee Wilson is a Cache Valley native and as a baby was somehow awarded the Longest Lashes Queen in a 1982 Cache Valley Mall Baby Contest. In later years she attended USU. In addition to being an Epic Day Instructor for Canyon Grove, she also works part-time as a pastry chef at USU’s Aggie Chocolate Factory – fulfilling her passion for being creative in the kitchen. She has immensely enjoyed homeschooling her children for the past 6 years and loves to learn right alongside them. They especially enjoy field trips to the Utah Natural History museum and always stop at chocolate shops and bakeries to do “research” along the way.

Estee has a passion for all things Scotland that recently ignited her love of world travel, which she now considers the ultimate learning experience. Estee has many interests and can often be found trying something new. In the past year, she accidentally started to like country music. Estee has loved getting to know all the amazing students at the Logan Canyon Grove location and looks forward to Epic Day each week.

Phone: 435-232-9981

Office Hours:   9am-4pm, T-Th


Education Specialists serve as a guide and support throughout the education process. Families meet with their Educational Specialist regularly to discuss student as they progress toward their goals.  Please keep in mind that this communication with your ES is essential and a requirement for participation in this program. Please show that you value our program by having a truly effective conversation about the academic progress of your student with your Educational Specialist. Here is the Monthly Parent Touchpoints Schedule we will follow for these discussions.


At the beginning of the school year, you will create an individualized Student Education Plan (SEP) with your Education Specialist. Your student’s SEP will outline the curriculum your student will be using and your goals for the school year.





Parent Meeting

In person or Zoom meeting

  • Create Student Education Plan (SEP)



Contact ES if you would like to meet


Parent Meeting

In person, Zoom, or phone meeting

  • Review Testing Results


Parent Meeting

In person, Zoom, or phone meeting

  • Check-in & Recognition and Progress Celebrations



Contact ES if you would like to meet


Parent Meeting

In person, Zoom, or phone meeting

  • Review Testing Results



Contact ES if you would like to meet


Parent Meeting

In person, Zoom, or phone meeting

  • Review Testing Results
  • Review SEP
  • Plan for 2020-2021


Note: Offsite Families will meet with their ES twice a month. Once for a formal meeting, once for a check-in.

Common Dress

Canyon Grove Academy has a common dress code. The intent of the common dress code is to minimize distractions in the learning environment, promote a sense of community among students, and increase campus safety and security.   To keep it simple we have a Canyon Grove Academy T-shirt available for purchase.  Our fun T-shirt is worn by our students at all our school-sponsored activities such as Epic, Discovery, and field trips.  Ask your Educational Specialist for details.



  • Limited Parking is available behind the Thatcher Mansion or on the streets.  Please be aware, most of it is permit parking only, 2 hour or 4 hour parking only.  Parking is strictly enforced.
  • 8 hour+ parking is available in the small park located SE of intersection of 100 S and Main.
  • Parking is also available at the parking lot located on intersection of Center and 100 West (NW of Bullen Center).


  • Pull up along the U-shaped drive located on 100 S., to the south of the Thatcher Mansion.  Students exit the vehicle directly onto the sidewalk and enter the front door of the Thatcher Mansion.  Parents pull forward and exit right on 100 S., out the west entrance of the u-shaped drive.
  • If parents DO need to park, please make note of the above parking restrictions.
  • Please DO NOT drop off a student so that they have to cross the roads to reach the building unaccompanied.


  • For quick pick-up, parents can line up on 100 S heading west and follow the same pattern as drop off.
  • If students are not waiting outside when parents arrive, parents should pull into the parking spaces in the u-shaped drive.  Please be aware that we can’t park there very long.

Leadership Meeting


Our leadership meeting is when your child’s Educational Specialist celebrates student accomplishments and recognizes birthdays. We will also delve into the 8 Keys of Excellence together. Our leadership studies help students to learn how their brain works and is based upon a foundation of literature. Mindfulness exercises, Growth Mindset principles, movement, music, and learning games help our students explore the 8 Keys of Excellence and look at how to apply them in their lives. Please bring students on time (which is between 8:45 – 9:00 am) so they can be part of our awesome Canyon Grove Distance Education (DE) team-building activities.


Recess: 12:00-12:20 pm  Students play first and then eat so they do not rush through eating to get to their recess activities. Recess is held indoors. They can choose to play quiet games or join the group for interactive fun!


Lunch: 12:20-12:40 pm Lunch is always a favorite time of the day for most students. Please make certain that your child comes well fed so they can last until lunchtime.

Home Lunch: Please send your child with a lunch from home (and snack, if needed). Be sure lunch can be eaten within the given time frame and that the food does need to be heated. We do not have microwaves. Also, send only water for them to drink. Please remind them to eat only what is in their OWN lunch – no bartering for lunch items. 🙂


Clean up 3-3:15 pm

Pick up 3:15 pm

There is no pick up between 3:00 – 3:15 because we are all helping. We all made the mess together, so we all get to clean it up together.  Please be there to pick up your child at 3:15. If there is an emergency and you will be late, please contact the ES.

Please ONLY be late if there is a true emergency.

Pick-up Authorization: If someone other than the parent/guardian is picking up, please notify the ES before clean-up begins.

Attendance: If your student misses an Epic Day, please contact your Educational Specialist to excuse them.

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