Tuesday Eagle Mountain 

9:00 am – 3:15 pm

Gotta Dance, 4038 North Ira Hodges Scenic Parkway, Eagle Mountain, Utah 84005

Our multi-age classes are small classes of around 18 students. The students are grouped youngest to oldest in a class with similar-aged peers with a tree name: Aspen, Birch, Cedar, and Oak. The themed lessons are History-based and include STEM Activities, Science, Social Studies, Art and Literature studies.  We focus on engaging, interactive, project-based lessons that promote critical thinking and discussion. We are teaching Utah State standards with  Hands-On Fun.

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We will be offering a free vision test for all students. If for some reason your child is unable to attend that day or if you choose to opt out, we urge you strongly to get their your child’s vision checked as issues with vision can increase if left uncorrected.

Vision Screening Schedule
Location Day Date Time
Knox Wednesday 10/16 9:15am
Draper Wednesday 10/30 9:15am
South Jordan Wednesday 10/30 12:30pm
Pleasant Grove Monday 11/4 9:15am
Pleasant Grove Tuesday 11/5 9:15am
Pleasant Grove Thursday 11/7 9:15am
Springville Thursday 11/7 12:30pm
Eagle Mountain Monday 11/11 9:15am
South Valley Monday 11/11 12:30pm
Eagle Mountain Tuesday 11/12 9:15am
Logan TBD

Education Specialist

Stefenie Stocks graduated from BYU with her BA in Elementary Education. After teaching with Alpine School District for several years she returned to school to receive her MA in Family and Child Development from ASU. Since then Stefenie has worked as an Educational Specialist with Canyon Grove Academy. In her free time Stefenie enjoys traveling with her family, taking her two kids on fun adventures, going for walks, and watching movies with her husband.

Email: stefenie.stocks@canyongrove.com 

Phone: (801) 369-6598

Office Hours:  9am-4pm, M-F

School Calendar

Educational Specialist Assistant

Nichole Seiler is a mom of four beautiful girls. She loves hanging out with her family and going on new adventures. She has helped with a preschool for 2 years and loves working with children as a cross guard for her hometown. She is currently working on her masters in School Counseling. She also loves the outdoors and enjoys reading and singing.

Epic Day Instructors – Aspen

Rachel Harrison has lived in Utah valley her entire life, and grew up homeschooling there. She worked for four years as a Preschool Learning Specialist at a local daycare, and volunteers in her spare time at a camp for 8-12 year olds. Her hobbies include leatherworking, bookbinding and creating new, interesting things from everyday objects. She has a cat named Iris and is excited to be working with Canyon Grove this year!

Hi, I’m Makayla Stratford. I’m from Riverton, Utah. Some of my favorite things include cheering loud at football games, snow cones, interior design, and collecting anything to do with pineapples! I studied Early Childhood Education at UVU. I absolutely love working with kids and being here at Canyon Grove!

Epic Day Instructor – Birch

Hi, I’m Makayla Stratford. I’m from Riverton, Utah. Some of my favorite things include cheering loud at football games, snow cones, interior design, and collecting anything to do with pineapples! I studied Early Childhood Education at UVU. I absolutely love working with kids and being here at Canyon Grove!

Epic Day Instructor – Cedar

Mrs. Jill Owens has always had a love of learning. She earned her Associate’s degree from Salt Lake Community College before starting a hands-on-learning of raising and teaching her children. As a homeschool parent for the last 5 years, she has assisted her 5 children to also gain a love of learning as they do their online schooling. She has lived with her family in Eagle Mountain for 8 years. She loves to sing, bake homemade bread and go camping. She enjoys serving in the community and knows continual learning is part of our life’s experience.


Education Specialists serve as a guide and support throughout the education process. Families meet with their Educational Specialist regularly to discuss student as they progress toward their goals.  Please keep in mind that this communication with your ES is essential and a requirement for participation in this program. Please show that you value our program by having a truly effective conversation about the academic progress of your student with your Educational Specialist. Here is the Monthly Parent Touchpoints Schedule we will follow for these discussions.


At the beginning of the school year, you will create an individualized Student Education Plan (SEP) with your Education Specialist. Your student’s SEP will outline the curriculum your student will be using and your goals for the school year.





Parent Meeting

In person or Zoom meeting

  • Create Student Education Plan (SEP)



Contact ES if you would like to meet


Parent Meeting

In person, Zoom, or phone meeting

  • Review Testing Results


Parent Meeting

In person, Zoom, or phone meeting

  • Check-in & Recognition and Progress Celebrations



Contact ES if you would like to meet


Parent Meeting

In person, Zoom, or phone meeting

  • Review Testing Results



Contact ES if you would like to meet


Parent Meeting

In person, Zoom, or phone meeting

  • Review Testing Results
  • Review SEP
  • Plan for 2020-2021


Note: Offsite Families will meet with their ES twice a month. Once for a formal meeting, once for a check-in.

Dress Code

Our students will be having so much fun at Epic Day – and sometimes fun gets energetic! We have found that proper dress and grooming positively affect the behavior of students, so we would like them to look neat and clean. We also want all toes to stay safe! Shoes must cover the entire foot and be worn in and outside the school. No Heelys are permitted. Students should not wear hats inside the school, but they can wear hats outside, so long as we can see their faces.


Morning Meeting: 9:00 am Below you will see the traffic flow.  Please have students there on-time (which is between 8:45 – 9:00 am). Morning meeting is when your child’s Educational Specialist celebrates student accomplishments and recognizes birthdays. The ES will also build our culture of shared experiences by recognizing positive behavior and helping students take personal accountability for their own actions. We appreciate you bringing your student on time so they can be part of our awesome Canyon Grove DE team-building activities.


Recess: 12:00-12:20 pm Students play first and then eat so they do not rush through eating to get to their recess activities. Recess is held indoors. They can choose to play quiet games or join the larger-group, interactive fun!


Lunch: 12:20-12:40 pm Lunch is always a favorite time of the day for most students.

Home Lunch: Please send your child with a lunch from home that can be eaten within the given time frame. Also, send only water for them to drink and food that does not need to be reheated. Please let them know that they will be eating what you send with them in their OWN lunch.  🙂  There is no bartering lunch items.


Clean up: 3:00-3:15 pm

We are responsible to clean up the building from 3:00 – 3:15 pm. We all made the mess together, so we all get to clean it up together. Because of this, there is no pick up between 3:00 – 3:15, because we are all helping.  🙂 Thank you for your help with this.

Pick up: 3:15 pm

Please be there to pick up your child at 3:15. Most dance classes begin shortly after our Epic Day ends. It is important that we are all out of there on time. If there is an emergency and you will be late, please contact the ES.

Please ONLY be late if there is a true emergency.


  • Pick-up Authorization: If someone other than the parent/guardian is picking up, please notify the ES before clean-up begins.  Make sure they bring ID.
  • Attendance: If your student misses an Epic Day, please email your Educational Specialist to excuse their absence.

Discovery Day: Wednesday

12:00pm – 2:30pm

Discovery Day T-shirts can be purchased at the front office.  They are required for all students and volunteers attending Discovery Day activities.

Signups for Discovery Day are posted prior to each session.

The bus will leave from each pickup site at 11:20 AM and return around 3:00 PM unless otherwise stated in the sign-up. If you miss the bus you are responsible for your student’s transportation. DO NOT stop the bus if it is pulling out and you are late. If the bus is moving you have missed it and need to transport your students to the location. If they miss the bus one direction they can still ride the bus back.   More info

Any students who are not picked up within 15 minutes after the bus arrives will ride the bus back to the school and wait in the front office to be picked up there.

Patriot Park, 391 N. Saratoga Rd. Saratoga Springs. Meet the bus on the east end of the parking lot just off of 400 N between Saratoga Rd. and Redwood Road. The area marked in red is where the bus will park.

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